FCC Info

The 2.5 GHz band supports both mobile coverage and fixed point-to-point and is currently used to provide broadband service by educational and commercial entities that lease the spectrum. This spectrum is vital in the deployment of broadband and other advanced communications services on your Tribal Lands.

FCC InfoThe time is now to submit your application and register to obtain direct access to unsigned spectrum, subject to build out requirements. GrayWolves Telecom offers assistance with the application process. Contact us at info@graywolvestelecom.com.

The applications are filed using the Universal Licensing System (ULS), the Wireless Bureau’s online application and licensing portal. All applicants need an FCC Registration Number (FRN) to apply. If you do not currently have an FRN, instructions on obtaining one are below. GrayWolves staff are available to assist applicants throughout the application process, including with technical or logistical issues.

STEP ONE: Applying for an FRN:

To see if spectrum is available in your area, you can visit the FCC page by clicking this link: Maps 

STEP TWO:  Go online and file with the Universal Licensing System(ULS).  To open the registration portal, click here: ULS Registration

Again, you can contact GrayWolves at info@graywolvestelecom.com for application process questions or assistance.