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As part of the FCC’s landmark reforms to the Universal Service Fund in 2011, they created the Mobility Fund to begin deployment of advanced broadband infrastructure. Phase One of the Mobility Fund – more specifically the Tribal Mobility Fund -- then made available $350 million to build out mobile networks in underserved Rural America. Despite this, significant LTE coverage gaps still exist throughout the nation’s Tribe Lands.
GrayWolves is encouraging tribes to act now to subscribe to the spectrum made available by the FCC. We will lease land from you to build out the networks redeploying existing assets. Through our partnerships with leading broadband service providers, your Tribal Community will finally have the high quality, seamless broadband coverage you deserve.
The FCC has recently recognized the distinct challenges in bringing connectivity to Tribal Lands so it has now allocated a portion of the overall support specifically for qualifying Native American Reservations, offering bidding credits for Tribally-owned and controlled providers.
Besides being able to use cell phones, tablets and computers wirelessly, this initiative brings economic opportunity in jobs and additional services, like healthcare and tourism. It elevates safety, and it provides access to education and information. It will simply enrich people’s lives.

Tribal Leaders

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Wireless Service Providers

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